The History of our Company

Here at we are in the business of modern alchemy. But many of you may wonder how we got our start. What were our beginning like? Well they weren’t always so successful! We started as a struggling online business like most do. But we had great inspiration. We first were inspired by the passage in Genesis that talks about the Garden of Eden. “And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” Genesis 2:8 (taken from “Blue Letter Bible) This was the place that much creation took place and we are in the modern business of creating ourselves.

The last part of our name “Alchemy” was inspired by the process of making gold. Gold is on of the world’s most precious metals and never loses value. Across the world and throughout time gold has been highly prized and always will. Thus, we ourselves are precious and prized so alchemists we will be!

Back in 2005, when we first became an official company, websites were just beginning to gain momentum and social media was brand new. Youtube was also fairly new as well. We had always been at the forefront of technology and we knew that if any great gains were to be had it would be because we were risk takers. All new research, all new discoveries, anything worth having, is because at some point someone decided to reach out and take a risk.

It was at that time we recognized that everyone was beginning to use google. We immediately saw the power in that, and like an alchemist desired to harness the power of gold, we desired to harness the power or SEARCH. So we contacted a local scottsdale seo firm. If you have ever researched using a search engine optimization company you know that its not cheap (and the results are not instant). So you have to invest your money on a hope and a prayer that things will pan out. And boy did they!

Ranking on the internet is the #1 most valuable thing that we have done for our company. It gained us tremendous momentum when we were just a fledgling company hoping to make a difference in the world (and recover our costs!) It took about 3 months for them to get us ranking in the number one spot but once we did we have been there for ten years strong now. People are attracted to us and find us. We don’t have to run crazy, ridiculous ads that don’t work and are annoying to be frank.

So if I could recommend anything it would be to always follow your gut, and take risks! Some won’t pan out in the long run but in the long run you will come across one or two that make all the difference in your company. Take risks from people who know what they are talking about and have a proven success record. Take risks in areas where you feel confident you can get your principal back and you will turn out more than alright!